Real-Time Command Centre to help RID Crime

One of the ways we can invest in a safer city is with giving our EPS real-time crime fighting capability.

The new EPS Operations and Intelligence Command Centre will enhance both the safety of our community and police by providing:

  • Real-time critical information and intelligence to increase the EPS’ ability to keep Edmonton safer and better protect our police officers;
  • A centralized command hub that will enable police analysts to work more closely together with front line members through the sharing of police intelligence with immediacy that can only be facilitated through state of the art technology;
  • Enhanced geographic mapping, a myriad of video feeds, open source monitoring, facial recognition for 24/7/365 intelligence generation for front-line policing everywhere—all the time—giving our police a much broader, immediate and accurate perspective on citywide crime and criminals that currently does not exist;
  • A smart policing hub to ensure that the right resources are assigned to the right place at the right time in order to prevent crime, victimization and disorder.

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