Solving a Problem

The majority of the EPS budget is dedicated to operations leaving few resources for programs. Community donations can make an important difference! The Edmonton Police Foundation has set a goal to raise $5M in 5 years to establish new foundation programs that will aim to make our city safer and contribute to EPS’ strive for excellence.

Being a part of the solution

Your donation helps the Foundation bridge the gap between the available funding for core operations and program enhancements. Together, we can advance excellence and transform community policing in ways that will have a direct and positive and measurable impact on the safety and quality of life of people who live, work and play in the Edmonton community.

Give in a way that works for you!

  • Online
  • Text TRUEBLUE to 45678 to give $25 or FRIEND to 45678 to donate $10
  • United Way (Designate Edmonton Police Foundation)

Host a Fundraiser

Create your own workplace or school campaign to raise funds in support of the Edmonton Police Foundation. We’d love to work with you to design an event or program that fits your needs, and supports the idea of investing in a safer city. Please contact us to explore more.

The Edmonton Police Foundation raises funds to advance excellence and transform community policing in support of the Edmonton Police Service. We are committed to helping position Edmonton as the safest city in Canada and the EPS as a recognized leader in community policing.